The total project cost will be £2.4 million.

We submitted a planning application during August 2012 and permission was granted on 20th November 2012. The first phase of the project, costing £2.1 million, started in October 2014 and will take 18 months to complete. 

The trust are working hard to secure the additional funding to enable the whole project to be built at the same time. We are currently applying for additional funds to cover the required shortfall.

Our partners

There are a number of different partners involved in the project and they broadly fall into two categories.  Those providing money and those working with the trust where the ultimate objective would be to use the facilities.

The funding partners include

  • Viridor - £1,250,000
  • Sport England - £100,000
  • CIM Mitigation Fund - £250,000
  • Sedgemoor District Council - £135,000
  • Clarks Foundation - £10,000
  • ECB - £100,000
  • Football Foundation - £320,000

Other small amounts of funding has been received including £10,000 from Wembdon Football Club & £40,000 from local fundraising events. Partners who would use the facility and ultimately form part of the management committee include

Wembdon FC
Wembdon CC
Wembdon Drama Club
Wembdon Community Association
Wembdon Sunshiners Playgroup

It was agreed by the Trust that regular users of the facility should form the management committee and be responsible for the village hall & recreational areas.

Can I help?

Several large donations from Wembdon residents has given the project a financial boost.  Community support has to date (October 2014) helped generate £40,000 through donations and initiatives such as – monthly pub quiz, monthly village market and buy a brick campaign.  


Anyone wishing to donate should email