The Green At Wembdon 


  • In 2004 Sedgemoor District Council included the ‘Wembdon Green Wedge’ (the land that we wish to use) in its Local Plan.  The land is designated for sport and recreational use.   The District Council fully supports our project.
  • In 2008 Wembdon Parish Council commissioned a Parish Plan.  A questionnaire was sent to all of the residents in the parish.  1006 responses were received from the 1320 households in Wembdon and the independent analysis of the responses formed the basis of the plan. 
  •   As a result of the Parish Plan survey Wembdon Parish Council set up the Wembdon Recreational Development Group (WRDG) which was a working group with a mandate to establish a hall and playing fields in Wembdon.  It included members of the cricket and football clubs.  
  • WRDG conducted three further consultations:
  • Village Day August 2010 400 people visited the stand and 100 forms were filled out.  84% in favour.  
  • 29 concerns expressed (mostly about traffic in Church Rd)
  • Community Consultation 20 September  >100 attended, 80 forms filled out.  78% in favour
  • Public meeting 6 December108 attended, 66 ballot forms filled out.  85 to 95% in favour
  • Village Day August 2011 300 people visited the stand.  Vast majority in favour of revised proposals (only 4 negative comments)
  • Having completed its brief WRDG has now been dissolved.  Its successor Wembdon Village Hall and Playing Fields Trust has held:
  • Public Consultations in September and November 2011 and January 2012, and there have been
  • Public Meetings in December 2011 and January 2012.
  • In March 2012 there was also a Parish Poll, conducted by the district council, the results of which showed 62% of those who voted were in favour of the project.

Why is the Project Needed?

  • There are no sports pitches and there is no village green in Wembdon. 

  • The majority of Wembdon Green Wedge is neglected and untidy.  A small part of it is used for small scale farming.  It is scruffy and the public does not have access to most of it.
  • The only communal building in Wembdon is the Parish Centre which is owned by the Church of England and is run by members of the local church congregation.   It is located in an old infant school building which is small, L-shaped and has few facilities.  The centre is run under covenants which place restrictions on its use.
  • There are neighbouring facilities in Chilton Trinity Sports Centre and Victoria Park Community Centre. Neither of them would compete directly with what we would like to do.  They are both outside the parish and serve other communities.  The Sports Centre has squash courts and a large space for badminton and five-a-side football which are not activities which we aim to accommodate and the Victoria Park Centre has relatively small rooms which are already well used.
  • The football club has seen a growth in the number of teams over recent years and they have found it increasingly difficult to find appropriate facilities to play matches.  With the advent of the new FA policy regarding 9v9 play at U11 & U12 level this only makes their need more acute as facilities do not readily exist for this format of the game.  The need to bring a large community club together under one site is never more apparent than today.
  • Wembdon FC works closely with the FA and wishes to continue its development through the Standard Charter routes.  Having a ‘headquarters’ where the club can focus its activities will help it to become a ‘community’ club.

Our objectives

  • We wish to provide playing fields suitable for two cricket grounds
  • We aim to produce up to 7 age appropriate pitches for all of our age groups
  • We wish to create a multi-use games area
  • We aim to build 4 FA standard changing rooms and appropriate officials rooms
  • We would also like to establish a community wild flower meadow and wildlife ponds.
  • We wish to provide a village hall which includes areas for drama, dance, youth activities and recreation, plus community meeting spaces, facilities for a playgroup and changing rooms and showers for outdoor sports.



  • Our planning application was approved in November 2012
  • Legal work to finalise planning consent (12 months)
  • Start work on site access and bridge October 2014
  • Start ground works and work on the hall Spring 2015
  • First sports fixtures 2016
  • Hall completion May 2017
  • Viewings & bookings for clubs & courses from June 2017 
  • Hall official opening July 2017