What we intend

The project will provide a public open space for recreational use in the village of Wembdon on which there will be sports pitches, wildlife areas, walks and areas for unstructured play.  We also intend to build a village hall on the same site.

We have created an iconic building which has been designed to be energy efficient, use renewable energy sources and conserve rainwater.


What we have built

  • We have provided a village hall which includes areas for drama, dance, youth activities and recreation, plus community meeting spaces, facilities for a playgroup and changing rooms and showers for outdoor sports
  • Playing fields suitable for two cricket grounds
  • Age appropriate pitches for all of our age groups
  • We wish to create a multi-use games area
  • We have built FA Charter Standard changing rooms and appropriate officials rooms
  • We are establishing a community wild flower meadow and wildlife ponds


Why Here?

Wembdon is a village of 1320 households, situated 2 miles from Bridgwater. In the last 5 years its population has almost doubled as a result of new developments and there is a projected development which would create another 530 homes in the village.  There is a strong community spirit in the older part of the village but many of the newer residents do not feel part of Wembdon and we would like to give them the opportunity to get involved in village activities and become part of our community.

In order to strengthen our community the new village hall, which is open to everyone and is large enough to hold village events will bring a positive sense of community spirit.

The young people of Wembdon have very limited space and opportunity for social activities.  We will ultimately provide rooms within the village hall where they can meet and enjoy themselves under adult supervision.  We have identified volunteers in the village who will take this on.