April update,  5 weeks to completion.

The start of the month has brought glorious sunshine, a white picket fence and hours of ground works, mowing the pitches to perfection, creating the new link path from the park to the front door, landscaping Sunshiners play area and clearing the carpark. All areas of the build are now in the final stages withmultiple contractors working in various areas. 

Inside the building flooring is being laid, cloakrooms are being fitted out, the kitchen is about to be fitted as is the suspended ceiling, acoustic screen and sprung wooden floor, the heating systems are being tested and there is an air of calm concentration with everyone focused on the task.

I have been asked about windows as they all appear boarded up, facing The Green you are looking at electric security shutters, facing the NDR windows and doors are boarded for security, all windows and doors are in place. In fact the internal blinds have just been ordered.

All private hirers for weddings, parties etc have now been contacted to complete the hire agreements. Those who have expressed an interest in running clubs, groups etc are being contacted with details of our open days. 

If you would like to book a private event or run a group please use the Online Booking Form on this site to indicate your expression of interest we can then contact you to discuss further. 

Looking forward to seeing you all at The Green sometime soon.