The Notaro Hall 19x10m

The Notaro Hall can be divided by an acoustic screen to create 2 smaller halls which are: - 

Kidsbury Hall 8x10m

CrowpillHall 11x10m

Notaro Hall 

£30 per hour 

Less 10% for either local or block booking. 

Whole Evening 7 pm - 12 midnight £100 

Kidsbury and Crowpill Halls

£15 per hour  

Less 10% for either local or block booking 

Per 3 hour session £35 

9 am -12 noon   1-4 pm      4.30-7.30 pm     7.30-10.30 pm  

Session timings negotiable 

Less 10% for either local or block booking£31.50  

Bar no charge 

Kitchen and kitchenette no charge for making tea and coffee 

Kitchen when used for catering£20  

The Viridor Community Lounge

Limited availability – price on application

Commercial bookings

Kidsbury or Crowpill Hall £30 per hour 

Notaro hall £70 per hour



  • Wedding Package          £495

The Wedding package includes full use of the Kitchen, Bar & Spaces.

Each booking includes a Sunday morning clear away time which is 9AM - 11:30 AM  

The days available to book a Wedding package are -

Friday Evenings (Time negotiable)

Saturday 8am - Midnight

NO bookings will be taken for an 18th Birthday.